Get Up AND Go! Chair-based Exercise Classes

Making Fitness Fun

At Get Up and Go! we combine all of the fun that music brings, with all of the benefits of fitness and health

Offering chair-based exercise sessions in care homes, day care centres, EMI units and residential living, giving service users one hour of fun-filled exercise to music. We play a variety of songs which we clap, sing and tap our instruments along to. The exercises we offer are tailored to each individual venue to reflect the ability of the service users, but rest assured, there’s something for everyone!

What are the benefits?

Our movement to music consists of light rhythmic exercises aimed to help improve coordination and in turn, mobility. Gentle stretches are incorporated to help improve ranges of flexibility, all from the comfort of your service users’ chairs. We use additional equipment to enhance our sessions and encourage movement; this includes musical instruments, squeezy balls, scarves, pom poms and giant balloons.

Our programme is designed to stimulate residents both physically and mentally, but most importantly it is packed with fun and high energy and we absolutely love what we do, and we think you will too.

We can join you on a weekly, fortnightly or even four-weekly basis, whatever suits you and your service users

*available in a ten-mile radius of Kingswinford, plus Kidderminster

“Ciara and her Musical Exercise have been a breath of fresh air to St Anthony’s, a real motivational experience for all who take part. Ciara has brought an inclusive and inspirational addition to our timetable of activities. We have nothing but praise for her and the residents really look forward to her visits.”