Get Up and Go! Sessions

Our sessions for 2 to 4 year-olds are carefully designed to encourage children’s fitness. Traditional sports day activities are mixed with popular games and a splash of imagination to create the ultimate fun experience.

We love how energetic children are, and we also know how important it is to positively channel this boundless energy. Let us help your child fall in love with sport and fitness through our dynamic activity sessions.

Sports day classes for 2 to 4 year-olds

Give your child a fantastic introduction to multiple sports with our action-packed 45-minute sessions. From egg and spoon races to rugby and netball, activities are structured with a big focus on fun. Kids will enjoy making new friends and being active while we nurture their love of sport.

Our classes have been created by qualified children’s fitness instructors alongside an enthusiastic team of parents.

We don’t just offer sports, we also include party games, warm-up exercises, the Get Up and Go! game, singing and dancing. Imagine a children’s party mixed with a sports day!

We can help improve children’s:

  • Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Social and physical development
  • Motor skills
  • Team work

Each session focuses on a different sporting theme, so children get a solid taste of multiple sports.

We offer old favourites such as rugby, netball and football, plus other fun activities such as the classic egg and spoon race and yoga to give children confidence and enthusiasm for trying new things.

Each series of six sessions ends with our Olympic event, a gently competitive finale which lets children show off their new sporting skills.

We’ve worked really hard to design vibrant, fun and exciting sporting sessions that we just know the kids are going to love

Get Up and Go! Sessions